Mass' (kg)
(if core is 1)

Air resistance (if core is 1) 0.70
Frictional resistance Fair
Fuel 0
Fuel Consumption (if wheel = 1) 30
Durability 200,000
Inertia X=1.55400025844573970
Range of options Any number
Number of effects 0
Type 10

The Arm chip is your only weapon. The option of the Arm defines the damge point of each bullet. Each Arm, after firing, recharges at a constant rate of 5000 per frame, that is roughly 150,000 per second at a frame rate of 30 fps. Therefore, the overall damage rate is the same for every Arm, regardless of its option. To fire an arm chip, the following criteria must be met:

  • Charge of the Arm (accessed by _E() ) is equal to its option.
  • Power of the Arm is greater than or equal its option.

Additional notes:

  • An Arm does not fire unless it is fully charged in the previous frame. That translates into a firing rate of 1/(ceil(_OPTION()/5000)+1) shots per frame.
  • Negative option is often used to create a visual effect of orange fire, without the Arm actually firing.
  • The recoil of the Arm chip when it fires is equal to the thrust of a Jet with the same power of the Arm's option. E.g. an Arm chip firing with option=100,000 gives the same impulse as a Jet thrusting with 100,000 power for one frame.