Mass' (kg)
(if core is 1)

Air resistance (if core is 1) 0
Frictional resistance


Fuel reserve 0
Fuel Consumption 1
Inertia X=0.85765480995178223
Number of options 3
Number of effects 5
Type 7

The Jet is a type of chip that can be programmed to act like a rocket. It is commonly used in planes, and sometimes even boats. Some cars use it as a boost mechanism. It can be programmed to act as an air balloon, and also as a hydrogen balloon.

option=0 jet
option=1 Hydrogen Balloon
option=2 Air Balloon
option=3 (or more) rocket

If a jet is on option=0, it can be programmed to eject smoke, at increasing levels 0 to 4.

effect=0 No Smoke
effect=1 Very Little Smoke
effect=2 Mild Smoke
effect=3 Moderate Smoke
effect=4 Heavy Smoke

Additional notes:

  • 1 power = 1/6 newton
  • Balloons are treated as jets with the same output as normal jets, only that their thrust is always upwards (+Y in global frame).
  • Hydrogen balloons (option=1) work in both air and water, while air balloons (option=2) work in water only.
  • Jets with option=3 or above appear with jets with no exhaust flame on your local screen, but they appear as balloons to others while playing online.
  • Balloons have air friction, which is independent of their orientation.