Mass' (kg)
(if core is 1)



Air resistance (if core is 1) 1
Frictional resistance High
Fuel 6,000,000*option
Fuel Consumption (if wheel = 1) 0
Durability 1,600,000*option
Inertia X=3.10800051689147950
Range of options 1-8, real number
Number of effects 0

The Weight is a type of chips that are commonly used as armour plates as well as fuel tanks. They are heavy, durable, and have high friction against the terrain. Their weight, durability and fuel reserve are all proportional to Option, which can be any real number ranging from 1 to 8. E.g. A Weight with option=1.5 has mass of 151.2kg, durability of 2,400,000 and fuel reserve of 9,000,000.

Additional notes:

  • The fuel contained in Weight chips are consumed first before other chips.

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