Mass' (kg)
(if core is 1)

Air resistance (if core is 1) 0.05
Frictional resistance Fair
Fuel 0
Fuel Consumption (if wheel = 1) 1
Durability 150,000+170,000
Inertia X=Variable
Range of options 0-2, integer
Number of effects 10

3 (Axle)

4( Wheel Rim)

5 (RLW Rim)

A Wheel is a special chip, which is in fact consisted of two separate chips, namely the Axle and the Rim. The Axle is the actual chip that is attached to the parent chip, while the Rim is the part that spins. It is commonly used as wheels and, with Trim chips attached, as propellers. With proper scripting, they can also act as servosmechanisms. Option decided the radius of the rim, which also affects its moment of inertia, while Effect decides the width of the "tyre", which is purely a visual effect.

RLW is another type of Wheels. They are identical wo wheels in every asect, except that they don't exert reaction force to the parent when they spin. They can be used in helicopter rotors without the need of tail rotors.

Wheel Axle Info

Wheel Rim Info

option=0 Radius (m) 0.3
option=1 Radius (m) 0.45
option=2 Radius (m) 0.6

Additional Info

effect=0 Name
effect=1 Name
effect=2 Name
effect=3 Name
effect=4 Name
effect=5 (or more) Name
effect=6 Name
effect=7 Name
effect=8 Name
effect=9 Name
effect=10 Name

Additional notes:

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